Win32 NT/2000/XP


The HomeBak distribution is a Perl-program that uses ARJ32 or 7-Zip to create
archives of directories you specify in one or more configuration files and backup these archives.
You can use more configuration files if you want to or, at least, one.
It uses wincron (known from Linux/Un*x crond) to start jobs. You do not have
to use wincron, but it works fine for any scripts and other jobs.
The software is free and stands under the GNU General Public Licence (see http://www.fsf.org/), please read the GPL carefully.
(Please read the licence for ARJ32, too.)


Currently, there exists three versions for Windows, one version for Linux; if you
want to use HomeBak for Windows, you should use the current release 4.x.x for the
arj-version, or 1.0.x for the 7-Zip-version.


The software was written with Perl for Win32-systems (ActiveState-Perl distribution) and the GUI was designed with VisualBasic.
It is planed to use in the future only QT4 for the GUIs.


To download the software please visit sourceforge.net/projects/homebak


If you need support feel free to write: werrie@users.sourceforge.net